Mark Boyle



I have been proud to call Shasta County my home for all of my life, which is now approaching 51 years.  My great, great grandparents came West across the Overland Trail by covered wagon in the mid 1800’s and settled in the Round Mountain, Bella Vista, and Palo Cedro areas.

The Boyle and Wilsey families were both original Shasta County Pioneer Families.  My Grandma Joan (Wilsey) married my Grandpa Walter Boyle in 1936.  My dad, Gerald (Jerry Boyle) was born to Walter and Joan in 1942.  My dad married my mom, Patricia Proplesch, in 1964 and I was born two years later in Redding in 1966.

The best day of my life was August 12, 1989, when I married Elizabeth Petersen, a Cottonwood girl.  Elizabeth is the middle child of Edward Petersen, who was one of the most well-respected historians, educators, and citizens of Shasta County.  Edward passed away in August of 1997.

God has blessed our family with three beautiful girls.  Grace and Hannah (pictured above) are attending Chico State University and Heather, our oldest adopted daughter, lives in Missouri.

It has just been recently that I have come to a greater appreciation of my family tree and the role it has played in Shasta County History.  With my family roots going back to the Gold Rush and having a father-in-law who was one of Shasta County’s great historians, I feel a deep sense of desire and obligation to continue the story telling.  The history and stories that are found in these far northern reaches of the Sacramento Valley are priceless and my desire is to keep sharing these stories and Northern Posts as often as I can.

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