Welcome to Northern Posts



Hello and Welcome to Northern Posts.

My name is Mark Boyle, and in the coming weeks and months, my desire is to have you join me on a tour of one of the greatest and most beautiful places on earth – a place where the majestic Cascade and Klamath mountains meet the far northern reaches of the Great Central Valley.  A place where the winding Sacramento River is looked down upon by three world renown peaks:  Mt. Lassen, Mt. Shasta, and Shasta Bally.  A place that I have called home for all of my life and a place where my great, great grandparents settled in and made their home in in the late 1800’s.

The incredible history and magnificent geography of the North State and its surrounding areas will be the focus of each Northern Post.  I believe the story of this great Shasta Cascade Region needs to be told again and again.  It is story that connects us in more ways than we know.

Please join me as we highlight the historic people and places of this great place.